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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  August 16, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> as summer sizzler. temperatures climb, and it is going to get even hotter. steve has the latest developments f us. >> it will get even hotter tomorrow. today we had temperatures in the lowe9'' ' , we are watching satellite and to speak up in terms of cloud that w wupare m s we warm up so much today. ar0 degreegrs inrg, , 90 at fairfax. it is 92 in frederick, maryland. our forecast for tonight calls for partly cloudy skies, patchy
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fog, mainly to the west of d.c. temperatures will fall to the upper 60's to the lower 70's. coming up, we'll talk about an active tropical weather season out there. right now we have 3 storms. we will tell you where they are going in just a few minutes. >> people to work out and about today were looking for ways to beat the heat. we are at the national. >> one person put it this way, it is the kind of heat that sneaks up on you. you do not notice it, and then it hit you, and you are left looking for shade or water or somewhere with air-conditioning, because it is hot. >> really hot. really hot. >> it is the kind of day for you can literally see the mercury rising. the summer heat may have taken its timegetting here, but there is no doubt now those
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unseasonably high temperatures are back, hitting the low 90's across our region. look out, because it will be hotter and humid to start the work we. >> water, where have, and stay out of the direct sunlight. >> when it got too hot, then headed for the natural history museum. they are trying to cool down in the shade after a mile run in the scorching sun. >> we are here, and is a workout. kind of nervous about running in the heat. >> while many found a place in the shade, there were plenty who wanted to soak up some sun. this capitol hill resident knew it would be hot, but he brought a backpack full of water. you learn your lesson. >> 0 yes, definitely. >> you definitely want to bring some water. tomorrow will be hot or hotter than today, and you will see a
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return of the humidity in the coming days. it will be a code orange day, which means unhealthy air conditions. it will be a good idea to do it early, before it gets too hot. >> go find some air-conditioning now. if you at home once the latest on the forecast round-the-clock, you can log on to our website, an american who was held prisoner in myanmar is seeking medical treatment tonight after being released. virginia senator jim webb was instrumental in getting him released. >> we are learning the details about yacht -- about john yetaw. >> stepping off the plane this morning in bangkok, john yettaw did not say much about his time
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in bangkok. he was detained for sneaking into the home of pro-democracy leader suu kyi and sentenced to hard labor. >> we are fortunate that the government honor request to allow him to com e back e with hurt she has been under house arrest for the last 20 years. webb also asked for her release and that she be allowed to participate in the country's political process. [unintelligible] >> something over which i had no control. >> for a decade, they have shunned the u.s. political involvement. >> webb says these are efforts
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that have not worked. he wants to lay a foundation of good will between the two countries. while -- he is now on an official state department visit. he was given the green light by the obama administration. it is expected web will speak with secretary of state hillary clinton about his time there. now return to the latest on health-care overhaul efforts. there are signs of a compromise might be in the works. the white house says it might be willing to create a government run health program, but is alarmed by the possibility of the government competing with private insurers. the so-called public option is just part of the plan. >> i think there will be a competitor to private insurers. that is really the essential
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part, that you do not turn over the whole new marketplace to private insurance companies and trust them to do the right thing. >> that competition could come in the form of insurance cooperatives that would be started by the government but then eventually would run on their own. republicans say it is a step in the right direction. a local man was attacked by a mob of young people in northwest washington. tonight, the suspects are all the loose, labors are on the alert. -- neighbors are on the alert. >> it appears like it was a random attack. we are told the victim was just trying to catch a bus when there was a violent encounter. pennsylvania and 24 nw, with shiny high-rises, busy cafes, a lot of foot traffic is an unlikely crime scene. >> i was scared. x do not tell that to this man, a 28-year-old graduate student from china who does not want to be identified. he was attacked by a group of
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10-12 men on the street corner. >> i saw a few guys. they came and tried to come close to me and try to push me into the road into the traffic. next the attack around 9:00 friday -- a police report says the men were laughing during the assault. >> it is shocking. >> i probably will not walk at night, only in the morning and afternoon. >> the physical damage is not severe, but an apparent random attack troubles this man, who despite what happened, says he still loves d.c. why did they attack me, because i am asian? because i walked alone?
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>> they have only a vague description of the attackers. the victim is very frustrated. he says he will not walk around in this area at night. montgomery county is going to bat for a popular fruit stand. the maryland state high with administration ordered the farmers' markets to move from its location in bethesda for operating on state property without permission. coming up, the first family on vacation. we want you to see the sights the obama's check out today. d bring for the storm, people stocking up as tropical weather had for land. plus, a mid-air collision, fighter jets prepari air show. air show.air show.
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 6:30, on your side. to russian fighter jets collided outside of moscow during a rehearsal for an air show. it was part of an aerobatics team. they were practicing a routine were five jets chains formation, and that is when two planes collided. three pilots were ejected and found in satisfactory condition, but one pilot died in the collision. tie 1 struggles to deal with the devastation left by the typhoon. taiwan's president says thousands of people were airlifted from the village buried by mudslides. the mayor of milwaukee
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remains in hospital tonight after being attacked while leaving the wisconsin state fair. he was leaving the bare ground with his family last night when he heard a woman crying out for help -- leaving the fairgrounds. the man who was attacki the woman turned to the mayor, hitting him with a metal pipe. the mayor is in stable condition. they are still searching for the suspect. president obama is taking a break with a short vacation in arizona. mr. obama, his wife, a daughters went sightseeing at the grand canyon today. he says he has not been there since he was 11 years old. it is back to business tomorrow when he addresses a convention in phoenix. still ahead, how high will the mercury climbed? we will have the back to work forecast coming up, plus winds and dry conditions fueling these wild fires in california. new details about efforts to get
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a month after a $3500 government rebate and no down payme. go to for details. strongwinds and high temperatures continue to fuel fires burning across california. it does not take much for a spark or ember to develop into a wall are. one fire has scorched more than 10 square miles of earth and more than 2000 people fled their homes. resident along florida's gulf coast racing for tropical storm claudette. people are heading for stores like this home depot in fort myers to by storm supplies. tropical storm claudette is expected to hit land tonight with a 40-50 miles an hour winds. two other storms or lurking in
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the atlantic. that is definitely something to be concerned about. >> it to others are ana and bill. take a look at the hurricane maps. we have three active storms out there right now. the first one would be a tropical depression ana, with winds of around 35 miles per hour. this would be clouded, with maximum winds at 50 miles an hour. it could intensify over the next several hours, and is expected to make landfall in the early hours tonight. right now bill is way out to the east. by thursday and into friday, it intensified to a category 3 hurricane. that is pretty strong for the
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atlantic. we will put the time lapse in motion. clouds earlier his afteron, now beginning to clear out. if you look like downtown at this hour, it is quiet and beautiful, a great evening to take a ride down the potomac. the temperatures will eventually fall intoherehere is a look at g network at this hour. 84 in annapolis with a dewpoint level in the low 60's. the daytime high was 93 degrees. the official high at reagan nationalhe was 92 after a mornig low of 71. temperatures holding in the lower 90's across a good portion of the lower atlantic. 85 degrees with a surface temperature 89. high-pressure just off the shore. winds of the southwest with
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temperatures around 9-94 degrees. we will look for part of cloudy skies tonight and the possibility of a little bit of fog during the early morning hours, nothing that should cause any problems or delays. tomorrow we will look for a rapid warm-up. by late afternoon, around 90-94. temperatures fall and the serbs to the lumber -- lower -- temperatures fall in the suburbs to the lower 90's. mostly sunny skies. temperatures hold around nine degrees for tuesday until wednesday predict around 90 degrees for tuesday and wednesday. sheridan thunderstorms will cool things down for the upcoming weekend -- showers and thunderstorms. the big story for the next several days will be bill, which will become the first hurricane of the season. >> iknow you will continue to
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track it for us. we will have the latest at 11:00. it is time for back-to- school shopping, and local volunteers are making sure students have everything they need. the life center church offers book bags as well as school supplies to underprivileged children in the area. there is some advice for making healthy choices before and after school. students showed dr. billings skills at the spelling bee -- showed off their spelling skills. the bid was hosted by reading is fundamental. there you saw our own pamela brown, a judge for the event. let's talk about the redskins, they were out practicing today. >> will tell you what the quarterback or running hard.
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>> it is time now for abc7 sports. >> the washington redskins quarterback is going back to work today. he threw up an interception right here on thursday. he should have never thrown it. he was under constant pressure every time he dropped back. he has chalked up as a learning experience. >> i was disappointed, because i wanted to come out and show how much i have gotten better. as far as the numbers go, and from the stat sheet, i just did not have a good game. it's frustrating from that point, but that is how the preseason goes. i have three more chances to
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step up, so i am looking forward to pittsburg. >> paying attention to their condition as training camp drags on. a little extra work after practice running. he says it will all pay off eventually. >> i try to create a thought of what would i want to do if i was running sprints? i throw a spin in there as they are running. i will go high knees while they are running. i will run backwards, because just to do the same thing every day can get monotonous. >> the washington nationals continue to play good baseball, another win in cincinnati today. it is hit hard, down to the left field line, way back and gone. a three run home run. the reds take a 4-2 lead. brian zimmerman, coming in, he
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dives and cannot get it. just lost the ball back in. the nationals hold on and win, 5-4. the orioles played tough this afternoon, in the top of they 8, l.a. broken open. the angels kept pouring it on and went 17-8. jimmy johnson had the lead for most of the game. with three laps to go, johnson hit the pedal. his car did not respond. he ran out of gas. brian vicars then cruised then for the win. watch closely, because here comes the world record for the fastest human on the planet. he destroyed the field and the record by running a blazing
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grace today. he he shaved 11 hundredths of a second of the world record set in beijing. >> sta
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>> one more day of dry weather? >> no rain in sight, and it will be human tomorrow. isolated storms late tuesday, a better chance on wednesday. thursday and friday we are at 90 degrees. the upcoming weekend looks cooler. claude it is about to make landfall, and bill is still a tropical storm, set to become a hurricane in the next couple of
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